Bob Becomes Tough: Part 2
Comic Category Storyline Comic
Season Version 4.0
Writer Dark709
Used Kit Chimoru Omega
Panels 26

Bob Becomes Tough: Part 2, is the thirteenth storyline comic of the version 4.0 of Dark709's Comics. It's the second part of a three comic saga where Sir. Pickles uses a disquise and trains Bob to be tough. In this comic Bob has just passed the first test. He is like a mummie, however. Next he has to pass the string of doom without arms. In the end he is in a life support when he is introduced to Dark's people. And Bob really has changed.

Characters in this Comic Edit

Settings Edit

  • Dark's Studio
  • A park of somekind

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  • Read the comic here

Trivia Edit

  • The famous "cat-cow" appears in this comic