SK111 Quotation: "Food elements aren't supposed to be funny. ... well, ok, mildly funny. But they're really supposed to be interesting and weird.

The food elements can do some pretty terrible things when you think about it. I'm not saying they would do these things unless they had to, but: Bob can turn somebody completely into a cookie(ala Majin Buu, except the target doesn't survive). Kazu could burn you alive in intensely hot frying batter and grease which cooks you from the inside out. Matrak could give you cancer with a good radiation dose or just cook you from the inside like Kazu, sans the batter and with Microwave radiation.

Of course, they would never do such things except to the most vile of villains, or unless there was no other choice. But it's not all grins and giggles. The food elements are as whimsical as they are frightening, as they could turn anything into food. They all possess some degree of matter conversion ability that can turn inedible substances into edible substances, and to convert certain edible substances into others, along with cooking it in their respective ways. Matrak even came with the ability to refresh stale or even somewhat rotten food to a fresh state. And Bob? He can make cookies out of air, not to mention bread. He can probably make cake out of soil. Basically, if the Comic Land had ever gone into a period of famine, the Toa Hapori would have kept everybody fed. Their Toa Kaita's title is 'Toa Kaita of Feast'."