Here are some Matoran who have only appeared in the movie.



Fred (Real name: Sendonfriztkikalamonahalda) met Dark709 first time when Dark709 was Lucas709. Fred was buying a Gukko from the stalls then. Later, a long time after this Fred was banned from Bobooba along with Snag because he and Snag failed to guard their city. But Fred found about Snag's betrayal for the Boboobians and the great cloning machine, along with Sir. Pickles' deal with Malice Borg.

Fred ran and told Dark709 all this, even thought Dark didn't remember Fred. Fred told all Dark's friends of the cloning machine too, and then made a deal: they would met in Le-Koro where it was safer to talk. However, Rahkshi made an attack there and Turahk seemingly killed Fred.

Later Fred woke in a battle arena where Turahk would duel his enemies. But instead he found Lerahk there who he trapped in a pit after a fight with him. Then Fred found Dark709 and the others and adventured with them. He was one to help to defeat Malice Borg but his hand was cut off by a powerful Hunter Kaita. Fred also aided in the comic land war.

Fred could create blasts of energy and shields.


Snag Snag was a normal Matoran of Bobooba, but then betrayed his village when joining Malice Borg. Snag's job was to guard the village in Bobooba and he started to sleep on his (and Fred's) guard duty. Malice Borg's hunters ransacked the village. Fred found about Snags betrayal and told it and many other things to Dark709.

Later Snag was destroyed by the Guardian.

Third Movie CharactersEdit

Hapori TohuEdit

Hapori Tohu was the respected leader of the comic land before being murdered by Bormatu. During the time he was alive he often thought Toa Bob was like a son to him. He was convinced to fire the old guards and employ the Boboobian ninjas. His final words were "I shall never be gone."

Hapori DumeEdit

He was once one of the two rulers of Hapori-Nui, but he went mad and was imprisoned in battle against his late brother Hapori Tohu, although Tohu had to sacrifice the bulk of his power in the process. The Vahki were made in his image. Sir. Pickles awakened Dume, causing a real apocalypse.


An green character who assisted Hapori Dume in his battle against Hapori Tohu. His first appearance is in Part 3 of The Third Movie and looks like a giant Pakari/Pakari Nuva-faced Piraka with green armor and claws, a black interior, and a double-bladed sword with one end similar to Superkid11's pizza sword and an Inika weapon merged and the other similar to Lhikan's Skyboard. His name was revealed in Part 5.