Here are the guest stars that have appeared in Dark709s comics. Some have suffered fatal injuries while other were lucky enough to get out unharmed. This list shows the guest stars and which ones got injured in the slightest way. To date, there have been 64 Guest Stars in Dark709's comics.


Guest Star Fate
Vaki04destroyer Unharmed
Vurahk Hit by Sir Pickles
Silver and Goldlink Unharmed
Phil the Le Koranan Unharmed
Tahu Hyper Had ice cream "zapped" by Tahu
Lady Ervai Unharmed
Akano Toa of electricity Unharmed
Kofu Unharmed
Keratu Unharmed
the wise one Annoyed by lavaside rahi
Toa of Protodermis Had his flowers destroyed by Sir Pickles
Kopaka Kurahk Shrunken, then squashed by Dark709
Kurt Grounded by father
Vaku Unharmed
Lavaside Rahi Turned into a total idiot
Kohrak Kal-an evil punk Unharmed
Infected Terran Unharmed
GTnerd Possibly burned by Dr. Stinzelmini
Vahki Lewa Beaten up by an orange ball
Valkuma Toa of crystles Unharmed
Skwert: Toa of annoyance Unharmed
Ham Unharmed
Jaa--Matoran of Light Beaten up by Takua's crab, Pewku
Toa Jamie Fell through the floor
Nanaku Nuva Unknown
Tahuri Unharmed
Nikira Threatened to be put in a room with Bob dressed like a cookie
Syrupe Toa of Waffels Unharmed
Padgiti/Halowee Had a fight with Newsy
Vanaka Almost teleported to another dimension
Superkid11 Unharmed
Voporak:The Dark Almost killed by Sir Pickles
Vahki Commander Unharmed
Nuju Nuva Fought with Sir Pickles
Nuju Dude Possibly was in a horrible explosion
Toa of Luck Strangled by Dark709
Vakama34 Unharmed
Kevkili the Chronicler Burnt by Sir Pickles
Inverto Booed by Bob
Yami Became overweight and crashed through floor
Platinum Makuta Almost beaten up by Dark709 and frozen by Kopaka
Gukko Pilot Unharmed (probably due to being Dark's #1 fan and he doesn't bother him that much)
Marcus Toa of Evil Put into hospital with Dark, Torri Torri and Shadow
Vicox Shot by thousands of poison darts in a dream
Voporak the Dark Almost beaten up by Darth Pickles
Lp5 Legally ripoffed
Shadow Hagah Iruini Unharmed
Elcan Had flesh burned off
Joraka10 Squashed against door by Shadow
Hero or Beast Unharmed
Tpa Nidhiki05 Unharmed
Lemonardo114 Beaten up by Dark709
Gold Vahki Unharmed
Pepena Injured spleen
Angela, Toa of Spectral Waves Unharmed
Lewa Metru, Master of Wind Got hit by noobiness and laser blasts
Desertdan2 Unharmed
*Jedi Master Anex Burned horribly
General Likonan Accidently insulted himself
Exovahki Slammed by door
Arrengavin Arrested by guards
Canama Unharmed
Ben4514 Mistaken for Zacku and escorted out by Arnold Kanohiwrangler
Toatapio Nuva Embarrassed
Toa Tak Crushed by the ceiling
Vahki Lewa Unharmed
Crimson Jestor Hit by a frying pan and thrown off a waterfall
Toa of Spikes Was attacked by Bob, Newsey, Onepu Nuva and Mr. Zimmwad
Ravanas Unharmed
Knightrider2000 Unharmed
Tapika Squashed by a cow
Mr. Mahari Attaked by pirhana
VakamaMetruNui Unharmed
Hyper Nuva Unharmed
Munkiman, toa of chocolate milk Unharmed
Toa of Time and Space Unharmed, but mask was stolen by Pickles in an erased reality
Tomdroidser Erased by Pickles, but was later un erased
Neya, gaurdian of rootbeer Burnt, but later saved the studio
Takarii Lokuuk Maken Jumped through the roof