Hunter Kaita

Hunter Kaita 1

Species : Unknown
Group : Characters
Kanohi : A mask combination
Colors : Violet, Yellow, Red, Blue
Element : Unknown
Occupation : N/A
Tools : A sword
Location : Comic Land
Status : Deceased
Pronunciation : N/A

The Hunter Kaita was a supporting antagonist in Dark709's Comics: The Movie.



A promoional video of the formation of the Hunter Kaita.

The Hunter Kaita was formed from the four bounty hunters of Malice Borg in Dark709's Comics: The Movie. It was one of the last blows from Malice Borg towards Dak709's team. It first attacked the group in the Malice Mountain, cutting of Fred's arm. It was defeated, however.

Later it chased the team in a ventil, growing bigger and bigger. The team escaped but Platuka stayed behind to hold it off. He was killed when the ventil fell down, but Hunter Kaita survived, badly damaged, however. It was taken to Sir. Pickles's lair and was repaired.

It then fought Toa Bob in high heights. It was turned into cookies and crushed but before that it severely damaged Bob and stabbed him with his cookie staff.

Abilities and Traits Edit

The Hunter Kaita was a silent, powerful creature. It had growing and laser powers.

Appearances Edit