Indiana jones is a character in raiders of the lost mask. he has a fedora hat, a brown leather jacket, & a satchel bag. He carries a pistol & a bullwhip. he has been in many adventures. he once went to peru, south america in 1935. he brought 4 explorers & 2 donkeys with him. one of the guides died 2 deaths at once by getting shot by a blow gun dart shot by a hovitos tribesman, causing the guide to fall into a pit. another guide died by getting scared away by bats that flew from a stone face buried in a wall of leaves. when that cowardly guide ran 2 miles, he accidently stepped into a pond of 100 miles deep, causing him to drown. another guide named barranca died by losing his gun that got taken away by indy's whip when barranca tried to shoot him, & when he ran 3 miles, another hovitos tribesman shot him. barranca's back got covered with blowgun darts. but that didn't happen right after he ran from indy. indy's remaining guide, satipo, died while he was trying to ecape the chapoyan temple when he forgot the traps were still active even though indy removed the idol from the altar. when indy got out of the temple, the hovitoses show indy how barranca died. then indy's longtime enemy, belloq, steals the idol away from indy. when indy goes back to barnett college, indy tells marcus brody that belloq took the idol away from him, then asks for another mission; to go to cairo, africa & look for the ark of the covenant. but first, he needed to take an old friend of his, marion ravenwood, to cairo with him because he needs the staff of ra to look for the ark, & marion has the headpiece of the staff of ra. they find the ark and lose it because belloq & the nazis steal it. he chases the truck that carries the ark. he succeeds in getting it, & they look for & find the right boat to take him, marion, & the ark home to london. but the nazis steal the ark again, and kidnapp marion. he didguises himself as a solier to try to get marion and the ark back again. he even threatens belloq that he will blow the ark up if they don't give marion back to him. but they only tie marion and indy up while they open the ark.belloq & the nazis die from ghosts & fire 4 second later. then indy & marion take the ark & go home to london.

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