Species : unknown
Group : Characters
Kanohi : Great Kakama
Colors : Green, blue, Brown
Element : (as "toa")Limited reality Manipulation
Occupation : Comic Maker/sprite maker
Tools : Staff of Destuction, Kron'Rack sword of annihilation
Location : An apartment in BZ Metru
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Merk-en-us

Creator of Dark709 Chimoru Omega kit's OFFICIAL Brotherhood of Makuta project As well as a Halo project above other sprites to the chimoru kit, Rangan Mercenus is a member of BZP, and a pretty nice guy to know.

Personality Edit

Rangan Mercenus, as a person, can become stressed over some very minor things, such as his work being ignored. He also can't take jokes directed at him, as he has had it happening to him for most of his life. Rangan Mercenus, as a character, is a very hostile person, who has powers driven by his emotions. he's very kind to the opposite gender, but is only occasionally kind to his own gender.

History Edit

Rangan, like most characters in this universe, has a story like none other which arches over 1 day, though the only years that he would talk about are his comic land hours, which lasted for about 3 hours. See the Mercenus Chronicles for more information on it.

BZP career Edit

Rangan Mercenus has been on hiatus from comic making for almost a full year, but is planning on coming back as soon as it is possible to.

Powers and traits Edit

As a Matoran shaped creature, Mercenus had no powers, though he could create sparks from his finger tips and run at incredible speeds, he is also pretty skilled with a sword, and could take down most of the obstacles in his path. As a humanoid, his powers were the arts of Reality Manipulation. For example, he can create a crate from thin air, or change a Ta-matoran into a Ga-matoran. He also had some various other elemental attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • Rangan Mercenus is not the actual name of the BZPer, he is in fact keeping that to himself.
  • "Mercenus" is not a last name, just a name of a fictional clan that he comes from.
  • This article was made thanks to Mercenus making an official kit, he is not part of the official canon until he guest stars in a Dark709 movie.