Mid Villain Crisis
Comic Category Storyline Comic
Season Version 4.0
Writer Dark709
Used Kit Chimoru Omega
Panels 20

Mid Villain Crisis, is the ninth comic, of version 4.0 of Dark709's Comics. It starts with three kids running after an ice cream van, only to be encountered by Mr.Zimmwad who scares them away. The van is kidnapped by a Llama who pushes it off the cliff. Back at Timmy's Treehouse, Pickles is worried about his age, is he becoming old, because he can't even scare kids anymore. Zimmwad tells him that it's just a mid villain crisis and throws Pickles out, his head hitting a spike. Zimmwad says that the way to get over the crisis is to rebalance the brain chemicals.

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Settings Edit

  • A street
  • Timmy's Treehouse

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