By means of Bob's DNA, evil technology, and Darth Pickles' heinous scheme; Dark709 devoured a muffin that Zacku's girl scouts were selling with an evil chip inside that made Dark crazy for muffins like Bob is for cookies for three or four comics, and during those comics the muffin addiction made Dark inact crazy, that's-something-I'd-expect-Bob-to-do actions, sch as getting into a cookie/muffin fight with Bob, turning the comic studio into a sweat-shop muffin factory, slave-driving all of his male employees into making muffins, temporarily (humorously) changing his screen name to "Dark709: Muffin Man", making his avatar say "A Muffin Isn't Always Bad" instead of "Infection Isn't Always Bad" and his self holding a muffin, and making his banner advertise his muffin factory (stating that "'We Make The Finest Muffins' ~Dark709 & Co.", Dark709 in Red/White-stripped baker's clothes, Bob wearing a fluffy baker's hat holding two steaming muffins fresh out of the oven, and several muffins around them). Darky2 Dark7092