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Species : Shadow
Group : Characters
Kanohi : Shadow of a powerless Mahiki
Colors : Shadow Grey
Element : Shadow
Occupation : Torri Torri's Shadow
Tools : Numerous Shadow Weapons
Location : Wherever Torri Torri is.
Status : Purified
Pronunciation : Shaa-dough

Torri Torri's Shadow is a dark manifestation of Torri Torri.


Shadow is evil and turns alive at random moments, but in the movie Shadow was purified by three apprentices of the Guardian (Toluk, Platuka, and Varaka). Now Shadow helps Torri Torri for good. But earlier he has tried invading the comic land several times and once attempted to steal Dark709's One Year Vahi. In Dark709 the Movie 3, after Torri Torri became a toa, Dark put Shadow in control of protecting the studio.


Shadow has no powers that we are aware of although in the Dark 709 The movie 3, he might have the power of Shadows.