Sir Pickles


Species : Matoran
Group : Characters
Kanohi : Mask of Bossiness
Colors : Red, Yellow
Element : Fire, (Lightning)
Occupation : Evil Person
Tools : Numerous
Location : Unknown
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Sir Pickles is the main antagonist in Dark709's comics.


Work with Malice BorgEdit

His past is a secret although we know that when the Ta-Matoran were sailing to comic land, Sir Pickles was there and had a machine with some information of robot with him.He was captured by Bormatu and the 2 famous Boboobian ninjas, Zero and Orez. He was soon forced to work on building the machines, which he did. He later created Mr. Zimmwad and ordered him to take the both of them to Tohu Tower, where they saved Malice Borg from certain doom.

Meeting with Dark709Edit

Lucas709 (Dark709's original and uninfected form) met Sir Pickles when he went to seek adventure. They met in Ta-Koro reserve. Sir Pickles owned a "monkey" named Bob who was actually a powerful elite Toa, drained from his powers and mind. Sir Pickles, Lucas709 and Bob ran away from some killer bees but had to jump of the edge of Ta-Koro to escape. All three were broken into many pieces but were put together by an unknown Matoran. Then they all decided to make comics. Lucas and Sir Pickles taught Bob how to walk and then made the studio. Sir Pickles, however wanted the comics all to himself and infected Lucas709 who became Dark709. Later Dark709 found out that Sir Pickles was the one who did it and then kicked him out and took Bob as his first comic character.

Revenge on Dark709Edit

Sir Pickles started hiring evil minions to revenge on Dark709 and got to adopt the Rahkshi and Mr. Zimmwad and Shadow. That's when Sir Pickles started to attack Dark709 and his comic studio.

Dark709: The MovieEdit

In the movie, Sir Pickles teamed up with Malice Borg, the evil tyrant from the Outer Comics realm. Sir Pickles created the cloning machine which he used to clone armies of Mr. Zimmwad. He had great plans in his mind and almost won but was thrown into magma by Toa Bob.

Later Life in the ComicsEdit

In the first comic of Season 3, he is given a robotic shell and lives. He continued his plans as Darth Pickles and kept failing, yet he was close to victory several times throughout the season, including the season finale where he infected Dark with a chip that made him a Muffin addict, based on Bob's DNA.

In Season 4, he has healed from his injuries and continues his plans. It is unknown what his role is in the third movie. Dark709 once hinted that there will be a new main antagonist, not Sir Pickles.

Powers and Specialties Edit

Sir Pickles is known for creating inventions like Nana Plushie, the Eraser, the Cloning Machine, etc. As (and after being) Darth Pickles, he used/uses this uncontrolled "Force Lightning".