Star Wars is a series of six movies and related franchises created by George Lucas.

Relation with material made by Dark709Edit

Star Wars is the movie that Dark709 took several of his story elements from.

Plot SimilaritiesEdit

Dark709 guest stared at least one Jedi BZPower member. His original character's name was Lucas709. His villain in the entire 3rd season of his comics was put in a Darth Vader-type suit and named Darth Pickles. With the evil cloned henchmen with normal, commander, and elite forms; the sword battle between good and evil which resulted in the evil guy getting thrown into a volcano and even similar dialog; the constant use of lightsabers; etc. R2-D2 was in a tree in one comic. In a Halloween comic, one of his characters was dressed in a "Darth Pickles" suit. Darth Vader and General Grievous were both in Dark709's old Chimoru kit, and both of his kits sport lightsabers. "Darth" Leppy is a unlockable character in The New Dark709's Comics: The Game. At this moment, all the Dark709's movie's have similiar plot with Star Wars.