"Lez' see... Takanuva character bio... Whiny... Wimpy... Annoying..." -Dark709, 'Poor Takanuva'

Takanuva is the current Toa of [Twi]Light.

Personal LifeEdit

Takanuva has a crush on Light907. He almost became Light907's "Valentine" in the Valentine's Day Comic of Dark709's Comics Season 4.0.


  • Takanuva was the only original Bionicle Toa seen in Season 4.0 of Dark709's Comics.
  • Bob stole his mask in "2 year Avohkii".
  • As of the the first Dark Mirror podcast reportedly posted on the Bionicle website on 1/14/2008, Takanuva has had a partial light drain, a shadow-firing hand, and from GregF's discription posted on "Jan 14 2008, 10:26 AM", the unofficial status of "Toa of Twilight".

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