The Apprentices are members of an organization of matoran named the Order of the Guardian who have studied and Learned the teachings of The Guardian. They first appeared in Dark709's Comics: the Movie, which depicted them as a barely surviving cult. Every Matoran in the organization aside from the Guardian himself is called an Apprentice, though some serve as apprentices of more experienced ones.

History Edit

The Order formed after The Guardian appeared, back when BZ-Metru was BZ-Koro. The Hapori brothers had no hand in it, as neither of them are sure where exactly The Guardian came from. Their primary purpose is to maintain balance in the world, but they were also meant to serve in place of Toa, and act on the will of the Hapori(or just Hapori Tohu). Though they served in place of Toa, they are not quite as powerful. They also act with significantly less morality than Toa do, freely killing enemies. In this way they are much more similar to the Order of Mata-Nui than to Toa.

Tools and Abilities Edit

The Apprentices were trained in powers thought only to be accessed by a toa, some powers of which can't be done by a single toa. An example of these powers was "Power transfer", which must be activated with at least 2 of said Apprentices. They also have some non-sensational powers, such as shooting lasers from the palms of their hands. Some can control The Force. The Apprentices were equipped with, or at least have been mainly seen with, blue bladed staffs and swords which apparently channel their powers. More elite members wear armor.