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Species : Ga-Matoran
Group : Characters
Kanohi : Kakama
Colors : Purple, light purple
Element : lightning
Occupation : Zacku's slave
Tools : Numerous
Location : Dark709's Comics Studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : TEE-kee

Tiki is a Matoran and a character in Dark709's Comics.

--Tiki, Tiki's True Colors


Tiki rarely talks. She is Zacku's follower and slave. Very little about her past is known, only that presumably at some point Zacku found her and made her a slave. She literally does every thing she is told to by Zacku, at one point literally beating herself up. She is the true love of Hewkii. At one point Zacku shunned her and she gained freedom for one comic. She evidently enjoys her freedom, since during the first movie she was overjoyed to think she was dead, and therefore be free of Zacku. She became a toa in the third movie and her element was revealed to be Lightning. It is unknown if she is still a slave.

Phyisical DescriptionEdit

Even though Tiki might be a Ga-matoran, her armor colors are purple and light purple. She wears a purple Kakama. She was later revealed to be a matoran of Lightning.