The Toa Nuva have made frequent stops in the Comic Land, both to secure their Matoran in the reserves and to complete a task on their list to prepare the universe for Mata-Nui's reawakening. They seem to have a habit of arriving when there's trouble. After Dark709 kicked Sir. Pickles out of the comics, he started to hire comic characters for his new comics. Dark709 hired the Toa Nuva to protect him and the comics from Sir. Pickles.


Onua: Earth-can create fissures, earthquakes, waves of dirt, and earth novae.

Lewa: Air-can create windy gales, toradoes, walls of air, and air novae.

Pohatu: Stone-can create beams of rock, rockslides, shockwaves, and stone novae.

Tahu: Fire-can create fireballs, blazing infernoes, firewalls, and fire novae.

Takanuva: Light-can create lasers, mirror images, blinding light, and light novae.

Kopaka: Ice-can create ice darts, blizzards, ice burgs, and ice novae.

Gali: Water-can create watery blasts, tsunamis, crushing waves, and water novae.

Other InfoEdit

Takanuva has an unbreakable crush on Light907 even now when she's a matoran.