Zero and Orez are two Boboobian Ninjas who play a major role as antagonists in Dark709's Comics: The Movie 2.

Character Sheet DepictionEdit



Zero and Orez came from a faraway island to duel with Bormatu in the Boboobian ninja championship. They lost against Bormatu, but had a sinister plan on their minds. They convince Bormatu that they can help the Matoran, with a machine that Ta-Matoran Newcomers Bring. They hijack the newcomer's boat, grab the machine, and kidnap the inventor. Zero and Orez says that he can become the leader of the Matoran. Bormatu later learns they truly are evil. They draft Bormatu into joining their plan. They decide to murder Hapori Tohu, then blame it on Toa Bob. They fly to BZ-Metru. Zero, Orez, And Bormatu enter Tohu Tower. Hapori and Bormatu battle for a long time, until Bormatu Shoots Hapori. Bob gets blamed by Bormatu. The Guardian and his Apprentices drain Bob's power. But, Zero and Orez activate the Electric Security system, shocking both Bob and Bormatu, causing Bormatu to get Bob's power. Bormatu gets transformed into Malice Borg, and it is unknown what happens to them afterwards.